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We sell the best Products in the Moto world the fans can get. Our Pricing are reasonable with the Best quality in the world.

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Thinking of customizing your motorcycle?
Motofansclubs specializes in producing unique motorcycle fairing kits. We adopt OEM Style and Custom Design ABS Injection Molding Process for each kit production. Check out the information below regarding our production/order processes and click here to see some of our recent creations

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The simple answer is quality, fitment & service. There are currently over 50 factories that produce motorcycle fairings, each having their own standard for quality. ABS Fairings has the experience, the equipment, and the talent that truly sets us apart.

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Best Online Casinos for High Rollers in Canada

Highrollers are a very attractive audience for online casinos. It is even safe to say that high rollers are the most preferred type of players. However, not every institution is ready to satisfy the appetites of avid players and provide them with appropriate conditions for playing for large sums. That is why there are not many casinos for high rollers. The main reason is that such establishments simply do not have the budget to pay out such a large sum in case the player wins. Only big brands can afford to accept highrollers.

How to become a VIP client

It’s easy to get into the premium player category. If there is money, there will be status. All online casinos keep track of their players’ bets, so they will immediately add you to the VIP sector if they see that you play exclusively for large sums. Nevertheless, to become a high roller is to change your mindset, work through psychological barriers and not be afraid of losing a large amount at a time. Therefore, for such people there are special zones in online casinos for big players, where the entrance is forbidden for ordinary commoners. If you want to get into a closed casino club, make big bets if it is allowed by the casino policy. but keep in mind the risks.

What are the advantages of playing for large sums

There is a reason for becoming a high roller. The thing is that online casinos love those who play big and they “gift” such customers in every way. For example, the casino gives them credits for wagering their amount, because the casino owners know that players of this type always return debts. The VIP-player is also assigned a personal manager, who learns the interests of the player, picks up bonuses and various activities. Such a person is bribing the highrollers. In this case, each online casino has its own VIP program and its own ways of rewarding. It all depends on the capabilities of the company, as well as on the priorities of the player himself. Among the most common types of rewards:

  • Reduced withdrawal limit (up to its complete absence);
  • Accelerated withdrawal;
  • Individual “live” tables;
  • Exclusive tournaments;
  • Cashback;
  • Profitable deposit bonuses.

Among other things, since the high roller is on special service, he is entitled to unique gifts.

Where to play a high roller

High rollers play at special casinos for high rollers www.bestcasinosincanada.net/high-roller-casinos. Important: play only in licensed online institutions with a good reputation. Our list of online casinos, where you can bet tens and thousands of euros, while in conventional casinos there are limits, will help you with this. Before you sign up for an account at a casino, take the time to read the casino reviews, casino terms and conditions and the bonus policy. It would also be worthwhile to talk to customer service representatives, asking them a few questions that interest you. By the way, you can make conclusions about the work of the support service about the institution itself.

What disadvantages can arise?

There are no guarantees in the field of gambling. Gambling is always a risk, especially when it comes to big bets. He who does not take risks does not play, and high rollers are no exception. Despite the fact that high rollers are on special treatment, the chances of winning remain the same. Of course, the most loyal online institutions are ready to adjust their loyalty policy to each high roller in order to retain the player, but again, this does not increase the chances of winning, but only makes the game more comfortable. Nevertheless, this option is beneficial to both sides, both the casino and the player. In this case, the casino gets a regular visitor, and the high roller gets more opportunities to play on his terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a high roller?

In order to become a high roller, you need to be an experienced player with a lot of capital. A high roller is someone who bets very large sums, although in some casinos even players with bets from 5 euros fall into the category of high rollers.

What are the benefits of being a high roller?

Almost every high roller casino encourages its customers. For example, often a personal manager is assigned to each player, who selects bonuses and events. In addition, high rollers enjoy other privileges, including good deposit bonuses, faster withdrawal, access to exclusive games and tournaments, increased cashback and much more.

Where to play for big bets?

High stakes require a high level of security, so you should play only in reliable licensed casinos, which you will find in our list.

Our Customer Say

Don’t believe in the quality of our fairings?
Check out these reviews by some of our esteemed clients.

These fairings exceeded my expectations. The fitment was extremely good and was, for the most part, plug and play. There were a couple slight adjustments I needed to make to get some of the more complicated front end pieces slotted in, but it’s all sorted out now and looks fantastic. Paint quality is also top notch.

Howard Chavez​
Amazing!. Absolutely the best custom fairings you can find i PROMISE! Fantastic quality for sure simple and easy to put on if a had any questions or trouble i just sent an email to customer support and they answered quickly and with no problem very very helpful. You WILL NOT be disappointed! 🙂

Lucas Elliot
Bike Enthusiast

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